Partners and Programs

  • Children`s Hospital of Shanghai affiliated to Shanghai JiaoTong University is located on West BeiJing Rd in JingAn District. It`s a pediatric medical hospital with a long history which goes back to 1930s. Now it`s a comprehensive facility conducting treatment, education and research with 300+ beds.

  • Shanghai Children's Medical Center (SCMC) 

    Shanghai Children's Medical Center affiliated to Shanghai No.2 Medical University is located on Dongfang Rd in Pudong District. It is a modern and comprehensive pediatric medical facility conducting treatment, education and research.


  • The Fahua Elderly Care Center is a comprehensive care facility for elderly residents of Shanghai.   In addition to provide food and housing, the Fahua Elderly Center also holds different activities for the residents.  It also has in-house nurses and doctors provide medical assistance.  The center houses about a hundred residents, many of which are over eighty years old.

  • Soho-Ku is a non-profit, non governmental association which aims to improve the living conditions of the disabled people in Shanghai.  It was founded and financed in July 2003 by a group of disabled individuals.

    Soho-ku's works to aid those with special needs in taking their first steps toward self-help and self-fulfillment.  At the same time, they encourage others to give their love and time in bringing new hope to the lives of handicapped men and women, build their strength and self-confidence, and receive disabled persons with an open heart and warmth.

  •  Founded in 2005, The Sunshine Home of Xin Hua Block is a non-profit organization brought forward by Shanghai Municipal Government.

  • Tian Lun Yi Yang Yuan is an internet-based senior care one-stop-shopfree to consumers – that specializes in providing referral services and in-depth information to assist families in locating available and suitable services for their loved ones.

  • Opened in November 2010 by the founders of a previous migrant school, the Xinchun Kindergarten caters to the needs of 300 local migrant children between the ages of 3 and 6.  


  • Founded in September 2009, the Xinzhuang Elderly Care center srvices 260 elderly persons who are in their 80s and 90s.  Advanced in age, but still in good physical health, the primary focus of the HandsOn Shanghai's partnership with this orgnaization will focus on improving the daily lifestyle of those living at the center through a range of activities (on and off site).