Partners and Programs

  • ABC
  • The CereCare Wellness Center was established in 2002 and is a fully registered, non-profit charity. It is a residential treatment center that can currently accommodate up to 30 children with cerebral palsy from birth to 8 years. The Center provides a warm, loving environment combined with innovative therapies so that children afflicted by cerebral palsy can reach their potential for physical independence, intellectual achievement, and emotional security.

  • Children’s Hospital of Fudan University is a tertiary pediatric medical center.  It is the member of Red-cross Society of China Shanghai Branch and owns the national key discipline for pediatrics designated by the Ministry of Education. It provides training programs for master and doctoral degrees, and postdoctoral fellowship.

  • 崇明东滩鸟类国家级自然保护区是以迁徙鸟类及其栖息地为主要保护对象的湿地类型自然保护区,位于长江入海口,在中国第三大岛崇明岛的最东端。保护区区域面积241.55平方公里,约占上海市湿地总面积的7.8%。保护区东侧是滚滚的长江入海口,南侧是长江南支的北港,隔着长江北港是长江口的另外两个沙岛——长兴岛和横沙岛。再往南隔长江南港与上海市区相望,距上海市中心直线距离40km。

  • Home Sweet Home was founded by Asian Touch company in 2005. The company employed those with special needs and started housing special needs and homeless people. From 2007, Home Sweet Home became independent from Asian Touch company and became 100% Shanghai Community Project. Now, they provide vocational, living skills training and education to their clients, equip them and also help them to integrate into the community.