Qing Cong Quan Autism Children Health Center May 11th

2012-05-11 15:00
2012-05-11 17:00

Partner: Qing Cong Quan Autism Children Health Center

Activity background:
Autistic children are a group of people who lack the understanding of the public and social interaction. The volunteers' role for this activity is to help and support the teachers with administrative tasks and preparations for their classes. In addition, the volunteers get the chance to come closer to autistic children. Only through a thorough understanding and support can the society provide a better social security system to autistic children and their families.

• help with administrative tasks and preparations for the teachers’ classes, such as making the teaching aid, arranging the learning materials etc.
• Arrange the conference room for the parents' meeting and record the meeting on video.
• Assist the autistic children in the playing room when the parents are attending the parents' meeting.

Location: Qing Cong Quan lies in Tianshan Lu and Hami Lu at the metro station of Beixing jing on Line 2. Detailed address will be sent to volunteers by confirmation email and reminder.

To avoid possible cross infection, volunteers who have got a cold or fall ill should not signup for this activity.

You will receive the detailed contact information of our onsite coordinator in the confirmation email.

Thank you for joining. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Tel: 021-62255220 E-mail: volunteer@handsonshanghai.org

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