Volunteering at the Shanghai Children's Hospital is Chicken Soup for the Soul

Every time I went to Shanghai Children Hospital from the bustling city, I found the meaning of life because of loving.My first volunteer activity in CereCare Center six years ago is because of my friend's advice. I had not a deep feeling about volunteer and felt very sorry about could not be a volunteer all the time. But now I can share more experience after participating in music volunteer activities for one year. Generally the piano in the hospital lobby is just a furnishings if no volunteer play it. And you could not image how happy the children and their parents listen to the music.

I still remember my first time deeply touched by a little boy and his mother from He Nan. In one afternoon, I played piano as usual. A mother behind me had stood for a long time, then she said, her son had never seen piano, his wish is to touch the piano in the end of life. I agreed. The eleven-year-old boy looks experienced many vicissitudes of life because of his illness. When he sat on the stool, he played a song in the music book. I was doubt whether he did not see a piano as his mother said. The little boy told me that he came from a poor family, his father was died when he was very young. He draw a keyboard according to the music book. I was shook by his words because piano is just a normal furnishings in some children home in contemporary. But when he touched the piano, you could feel it is probably the most beautiful melody in his life. Since then, I hoped to see him again, but no miracle happened.

In one person’s life there may happen a lot of this kind of moving stories. Sometimes the mothers of the sick kids will come and ask me to play a special song. I still remember the one time when a mother came to me with tears in her eyes to ask me to play “QiDao” hoping that her child in the PICU will hear it and come back to her. After this song, one of the music volunteers just played a song called “On this world mum is the best”. When I heard it I, I thought that this song might come from the bottom of the kids’ hearts! Another very deep impression that I received during volunteering was when a small girl came to me and ordered a song for her friend upstairs. She even called her with the mobile phone to let her listen to it! Sometimes a song can let the parents and kids sing together; sometimes a song can help to alleviate the parents’ grievance; sometimes a song is able to express the people’s love; sometimes a song can bring happiness to the children; and I hope that
sometimes a song can also wake a kid in the PICU.

To tell the truth, we sometimes think that we should be good volunteers, show our true feelings and seek for nothing. But when we look at it clearly we will realize how much we get back from every single volunteer hour! In life, we should give 100%, but not expect to get the same back. We should not expect to get back exactly the same love that we give. Shanghai is a place that needs warmth and love, it does not matter whether the people there or the space in between. So if we are able to add some sun shine and warmth to our basic needs, our life will be so much more happy and fulfilling!
-Yuqian >